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Maintaining a Kingston Home Full of History with Pella® Windows

Maintaining a Kingston Home Full of History with Pella® Windows

Historic homes are full of architectural appeal and classic style. It’s one of the reasons people are still drawn to them, no matter how much time passes.

But historic homes need help to live up to their former glory. Sometimes, that means replacing outdated parts of a home.

That’s the challenge for homeowners—maintaining the look and feel of a historical space while adding modern convenience and technology.

Renovating an older home in the Albany area? Pella can help you modernize your home without losing any of the charm you love.

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Read how Pella of Albany helped one homeowner update his nearly 150-year-old home without compromising its beautiful historic features.

From Apartments to Single-Family Home

That was certainly true for architect and Richfield Springs homeowner James Jordan.

Built in the 1870s, his home served as a single-family home, hotel overflow location and apartments— all less than 100 years.

In 1960, his family converted the building from apartments back to a single-family home. Even through all that, the windows never changed.

It’s a choice that many homeowners make. Replace the original windows—part of the charm of any historical home—or deal with the consequences of older models.

Rather than replace the original windows in the home, Jordan’s father got creative. Not only did his family install storm windows, his father developed a skill for installing a third pane in between the two existing panes.

After owning the home for a number of years after his parents, Jordan was ready for a change. He turned to Pella to help him find new windows that fit the look of his home. That’s why he selected custom Pella® Architect Series® Traditional windows. And with help from the Pella of Albany team, they were a great fit.

Experienced in what it takes to make a renovation project work, James Jordan shared his experience with Pella of Albany. Jordan works primarily on commercial renovation projects with his architectural firm, but he has useful experience in the residential industry as well.

Why did you choose Pella of Albany for your project?

“I once took a trip to Pella and went on a factory tour. I was so impressed that I ended up using their windows for the addition I put on my home. I was satisfied by that project. That was around 30 years ago. That experience and the original tour I went on were the reasons I chose to work with Pella again.”

What line of windows did you choose for your home?

“I went with the Architect Series, all custom. The interior of these windows is wood. That was important to me. The exterior is aluminum clad. That means I don’t have to worry about painting the exterior—especially as we continue to update the outside of our home.”

What was the process of buying custom windows like for you?

“Pretty simple. I called Pella of Albany, they sent a representative and we went through the house together. I knew what windows I wanted from looking at the selection online. After that, they put together the proposal and got them installed. I was most concerned about how the muntin bars were going to look in the windows—especially the large windows. They turned out the way I wanted them.”

How was the installation?

“The crew that put the windows in was very good. I was just looking at their work over the weekend. They had to move furniture and other things. They were very careful. Nothing got broken. Everything was cleaned up very well. I work outside a lot on my yard and I didn’t see any debris or anything like that. Everything was taken care of.”

Architect Series is an Excellent Fit for Historic Homes

For historical homes like Jordan’s, Pella Architect Series is an excellent fit. These windows are available in a variety of styles and stunning finishes.

With EnduraGuard® wood protection and aluminum-clad exterior, they’re prepared to guard your home against moisture, mold and mildew. And with exclusive hardware options, homeowners can create windows that bring out the beauty of their spaces.

Want to learn more about our windows for historic homes? Reach out to Pella of Albany to get started.

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